About Jumphost

The Story

Andrew and Noah, who have over 40 years of web strategy, design, development and technical experience between them, founded Jumphost in 2008 due to an increasing demand for full service web hosting and website maintenance.

While Andrew and Noah had already been providing these additional services for their clients who had no web knowledge, they discovered that many of their new clients were also at a loss as to what exactly was involved in establishing and maintaining a website, such as: purchasing a domain name, configuring a web server, setting up email accounts, updating an MX record, or editing HTML code. Not everyone who owns a car knows what makes it run smoothly and efficiently, you just want to be able to drive.

And so, Jumphost was created; a full service web hosting and website maintenance company that manages and maintains the infrastructure and services that clients need for their websites, email and domain names. Jumphost also updates clients' websites as changes are required and makes sure their websites can be found in the jungle that is the world wide web.

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Our customers include individuals, small businesses, government and non-profit organizations from a variety of backgrounds and industries. They include retail stores, media companies, bakers, research foundations, not-for-profit agencies and organizations, energy companies, singers and songwriters, distributors, mediators, schools, performers, organic farmers, land use planners and urban designers, real estate agents and more.

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Jumphost works with partners to provide web strategy, design and development. If you’re looking for expertise in these areas, please contact one of the following companies: